Shannon Forsman
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I am a graphic and web designer based in Boulder, Colorado. I am also an avid rock climber, climbing instructor, and photographer. My education is from the University of British Columbia where I graduated with Honors in 2010 with a BS in Natural Resources Conservation, and instead of pursuing a science-related job, began exploring my options with design. I grew up a prolific doodler, painter and photographer, immersed in my own imagination. With an artist for a father and architect for a mother, art and design are in my blood and I simply failed at escaping the allure of shapes and aesthetics that make up the world around us. I now work at a web design firm and freelance on the side. Please don't hesitate to contact me.



Growing up with a painter/photographer for a father, I loved to hate having cameras around, from getting my picture taken (and yes, most snapshots from my childhood consist of me scowling), to waiting impatiently in the car on family road trips, stopped on the side of the highway while my dad hunted down lost billboards to photograph. Long before instagram, cameras were always along for the ride and it was only natural, that eventually, and much to my chagrin (at least I don’t take portraits of scowling, uncomfortable hormonal teens), they would be along for my ride. Photos don’t just document, they have the ability to tell a story, to analyze. The focus of my photos are on a subject I know extremely well, climbing, and on a subject I do a lot, travel. You could say one is personal and the other foreign, but both remain a huge part of my life. Photography has allowed me to be an active observer, inquisitive outsider, and just plain curious. Please take a look.